Though initially there were four annual festivals in the temple, as of now the major festivals which are celebrated are “Pooram” in the month of Meenam(March-April) and “Kalasam” in the month of Medam. The pooram festival is celebrated for seven days and the Kalasam festival only lasts for a few hours. It is believed that all annual festivals of Northern Kerala end for the year with the celebration of Kalasam at this temple.

The Kalasa Uthsavam was so being called as Perum Kaliyattam(Big play of Kali) or Kalioyattam is observed in the festival . The main rituals are in the afternoon when eight people who dress up as the forms of Goddesses like Kalariyil Bhagawathi, Chuzhali Bhagawathi , Someswari, Padi Kutthi along with the main form of goddess “Veera Chamundi’. These Goddess forms go round the Kalasa(Sacred pot) and offer worship three times to it . Then there is a sport called Kalasa Thallu( The physical fight of the Kalasa , done with bare hands.)

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