Madayi Kavu, also known as Thiruvar Kadu Bhagavathi Temple, is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Kali Amma in Kerala, India.Madayi Kavu is believed to be the oldest one built in Kerala. The origin of the temple is ancient, and the main deity worshipped here is Madayi Kavu Amma or Thiruvar Kadu Bhagavathi in the form of Maha Kali. The temple, now under the administration of Devaswom Board, was originally under the control of the Kolathiri kings. The temple, situated in Madayi near Payangadi, is an important site of worship in the Kannur District and Kerala region.‘Madayikavu Amma’, Goddess who is known for her blessings on devotees is worshipped as Mother Kali and it is a belief that any devotee who worship this Goddess with faith will be free from the black magic’s and witchcrafts of the enemies.


The origin of the temple is ancient, possibly preexisting Vedic times. The main deity worshipped here is Madayi Kavu Amma or Thiruvar Kadu Bhagavathi who is Bhagavathi in the form of Kali. The Bhagavathi is worshipped as the daughter of Shiva. Other deities are also present. The temple also contains a Shiva shrine. The Shiva shrine faces East, while the Mata Kali shrine faces towards the West. The Brahmin priests at the temple, known as Podavar Brahmins, belong to a particular sect associated with Kali worship, and are not barred from consumption of meat. A particular aspect of the temple is Kozhi Kalasham, which is the sacrifice of poultry for the goddess which is held in high regard. The temple was spared from destruction by Tipu Sultan (whose followers destroyed the nearby Vadukunnu Temple). The Madayi Kavu temple was saved from destruction by a Nair warrior, Vengayil Chathukutty Nayanar, who received the title of Nayanar from the temple authorities for his bravery (Sthanaperu).

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20 Comments on “MadayiKavu

  1. nice work , keep it up !


  3. My friend is visiting this temple. Can u please tell me the timings of the Temple ?

  4. vijitampy on said:

    please add more details about templr and the poojas and the customs

  5. Prithviraj j shetty,uae-kumble-manjeshwara on said:

    om namo mahakali…
    powerfull temple, i visited here once, thanks for creating website,

    • c s sudhir(chandregowda) on said:

      I n my family, friends are the regular devotees to madayi kavu, amma is very powerful, first visit taliparamaba and then to madayi, please get the chicken prasadam without fail

      • umanik66 on said:

        Thanks for the information . I have 2 questions .
        1. Do we need to visit Rajarajeshwari temple (or is it some other temple in the same town )in Taliparamba and then visit this temple?
        2. What is this chicken prasadam , which pooja and for what purpose is it ? Kindly explain

        • Hi,
          You can visit Rajarajeshwari temple at morning (its just 14 km )and reach madayikavu before 11 am . Akapooja have the chicken prasadam.

  6. hareendran n v on said:

    pooja time

  7. KS GIIRRAJAN on said:


    possible to perform poojas durring navarathiri?

  8. kavitha on said:

    I need to book Shatru Samhara pooja for my husband and my brother. Please let me know how can i get it done. We are from Mumbai.

  9. srinivas on said:

    Really this temple amma bhagavathi is very powerfull i visit somany time and also send to my friends more than 300hundred i belive it” jai madai kavulamma”

  10. Dr Sriman Narayanan S on said:

    what is the temple timings to visit in the morning and evening

    • admin on said:

      Temple will open from 5’0 clock to 12.30. Evening it will open from 6′o clock to 8′o clock

  11. Deepti Dirhan on said:

    we wan`t to vist the temple please provide me the address and contact no. and the information of the pooja done for removal of black magic &witch karft please help me out.

    thanking you

  12. Ravindran on said:

    Dear Administrator,
    Very happy to see Madayi Kavu Amma’s web site. Wishing all those who contributed for this nobel cause..

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